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Laurie Magett - Wellness Coordinator

Meet Laurie

Laurie is our Wellness Coordinator at Lee Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. She is here to listen & guide you to be the best possible you!! Whether you are starting your weight loss journey or already making progress she is ready to be your greatest supporter!!

Laurie is a compassionate, kind and realistic wellness advocate. After loosing a substantial amount of weight naturally and being on her own wellness journey, Laurie found a real passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals. Laurie came to Dr. Lee to complete her transformation and has now joined our staff to help other patients along in their journey. She is here to build patient relationships and make you feel comfortable as she understands questions and concerns from a relatable patient point of view. Laurie is excited and eager to be a part of this new program and is excited for the possibilities and innovative directions that can assist patients in living healthier, happier lives.

My name is Laurie Magett & 8 years ago, I made the concious and scary descion to change my life. At almost 300lbs, I was exhausted from being overweight and completely overwhelmed with everyday tasks. I decided to step into a WW meeting to see what it was all about and I cant imagine where my life would be if I didn't. In the first 6 months of my weight loss journey, I learned portion control and started introducing light exercise into my daily routine. I was 55 lbs down when my husband & I actively started trying to conceive. We struggled with infertility and chose to undergo IVF. The weekend before I was to start my injectables, I received a call from my doctor that they had a meeting within their practice and that they collectively decided that my BMI was too high for them to put me under anesthesia so I went back to the drawing board & pushed myself to loose another 40 lbs. I gave birth to twins and 9 months after that I was pregnant, naturally, with our youngest. I was still morbidly obese and now the mother of 3 babies under 18 months old. I decided enough was enough, I had lost myself by being everything for everyone and desperately needed to do something for myself. I rejoined WW for the last time and now have lost over 140 lbs from my heaviest weight. In November of 2018, I trusted Dr. Lee with my mommy makeover to remove an extensive amount of loose skin and I have never felt more confident in my life. I now dedicate most of my days to sharing my story & guiding others to take a leap of faith and trust in the journey of weight loss and help them become heathier, happier versions of themselves.