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Morpheus 8™

Morpheus8 by InMode is an advanced, minimally invasive microneedling procedure paired with radiofrequency technology that stimulates the production of collagen to tighten and remodel your skin.

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FaceTite™ and AccuTite™

These premier nonsurgical procedures, recommended by Dr. S. Darrell Lee, use radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to heat up and dislodge cells, causing your skin to tighten and allowing collagen to be created at a much faster rate.

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BodyTite is an innovative, minimally invasive liposuction procedure that tightens your skin with minimal recovery time.

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EMSCULPT NEO is a state-of-the-art nonsurgical body contouring treatment to reduce fat and tone muscle. It uses a combination therapy of HIFEM+ (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) and radiofrequency technology to simultaneously tone muscle and burn layers of stubborn fat. EMSCULPT NEO can enhance multiple parts of the body, including the stomach, back, buttocks, arms, saddlebags, thighs, and calves.

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EMSELLA is a breakthrough noninvasive treatment designed specifically to strengthen the pelvic floor, allowing for greater bladder control. It's an easy, comfortable, and effective way to treat incontinence without surgery or invasive techniques. Patients simply sit in the advanced EMSELLA chair for 30 minutes, and within only a few sessions, they can experience dramatic improvement in bladder control and function.

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Stellar M22™

Stellar M22 is a cutting-edge noninvasive IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment that can address a wide variety of skin conditions, including blemishes, sun damage, skin discolorations, acne scars, tattoo removal, leg and face veins, Rosacea, and more. Refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalize your skin with the safe and effective Stellar M22 technology.

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UltraPulse™ CO2

Effective and cutting-edge, the Lumenis UltraPulse CO2 laser is the most advanced laser aesthetic treatment available today. Able to deeply penetrate the skin using the lowest energy, UltraPulse can more effectively treat a wide variety of skin issues comfortably with no heat damage to the skin.

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