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Lee Plastic Surgery Testimonials - George

Lee Plastic Surgery Testimonials - George


About a year ago I was starting to see things in my face that I wasn't happy with. And I'm kind of like a health person, so we looked through the internet. I actually had a meeting with another plastic surgeon.

My wife happens to be in the medical field, and she works at the surgery center where Dr. Lee does his surgeries. So, she has the opportunity to work alongside him. And after a few months of her working with him, she said she was very impressed with his work. That he was very meticulous, and he did things that other plastic surgeons didn't do that might help along the line, spend that extra time.

So, that kind of got me really thinking about going to see him. I did. I felt comfortable with him. I felt comfortable with the girls. Also, I think the main thing is my wife's interest in me and what I was wanting to do, knowing the type of person I am, how picky I was, she worked with him quite a lot, and that really swayed me to do what I wanted to be done with him.

I was happy, and that I was comfortable with him. He's there for you. I mean every time I had a question all through any day, any time of night, I mean he'd call me at 12:00 at night, "Are you okay? Is everything good?" Any questions, I mean I had his phone number. So, that means a lot.

Dr. Lee was very comforting. And being a man I was very, you know, not many men as women come through plastic surgery, as I see it. I was comfortable enough that I would recommend, or if I needed something else, I definitely wouldn't go anywhere else.