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Lee Plastic Surgery Testimonials - Tara

Lee Plastic Surgery Testimonials - Tara


I was considering a cosmetic procedure for a couple years, and I was debating, and I wanted to wait till I was finished having children. And a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Lee, and I came for a consultation. I met his office staff and they were wonderful, and friendly, and warm. And when Dr. Lee came in the room, he was knowledgeable, and thorough, and very detail oriented, and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. And when I left here after my consultation, I knew he was the doctor that I wanted to go to.

Once I made my final decision to go ahead with the surgery, I came in for several appointments with Dr. Lee, and his office staff once again was very welcoming to me. He met with me and went over everything that he was gonna be doing, explaining it in full detail. If I had any questions, he took his time with me. He made me feel at ease as if this was gonna be the easiest thing I ever had to do. And before you know it, I was in the surgery center getting surgery, and from the minute I came out of surgery I loved everything he did for me.