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Breast Augmentation in Port St. Lucie, FL

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About Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic breast surgery is a procedure that reshapes the breasts to create a fuller appearance. It is often considered to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, offering women who are unhappy with their breast appearance many options for improvement. Using implants, this procedure improves breast shape, size, and symmetry, and creates a beautiful and natural-looking outcome. Port St. Lucie, FL plastic surgeon Dr. S. Darrell Lee is skilled in executing this surgery and performs countless breast augmentations each year. During your consultation at Lee Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, Dr. Lee will listen to your concerns and desires and educate you on all of the options available, while also creating a surgical plan to achieve your goals.

Ideal Candidates

The choice to have breast enhancement surgery is a personal one for our patients. If you are contemplating this treatment, it is important you do it for the right reasons. Patients should be physically healthy with breasts that are developed, and be the appropriate age to get implants. Women who are dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts because they appear deflated may benefit from breast augmentation surgery. In addition, if your breasts have been affected by weight loss or pregnancy, this treatment can bring them back to life with increased volume. It is also a welcomed solution for women who lift weights or have an overall lack of natural breast tissue.

About Breast Implants

During your consultation with Dr. Lee, the correct implant will be recommended based on your body frame, as well as your aesthetic goals. Implants come in different sizes and shapes — all of which are taken into consideration in order to attain the desired result. Today, the most common implants are saline or silicone, both widely chosen and safely approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is important to mention that candidates considering saline implants must be 18 years of age, while patients must be at least 22 years old in order to receive augmentation with silicone. Other options include gummy bear implants and a fat transfer. Aside from the type of augmentation chosen, there are other important factors to consider.


Implant size is determined based on the number of CCs of silicone or saline used. To determine the appropriate amount, Dr. Lee will look at how much original tissue exists and the size you desire to be. During the consultation, Dr. Lee will expertly match the right implant size for your frame.


Implants are produced in either a teardrop or round shape. Both of these shapes are widely used; however, the majority of our patients select a round shape. It generally appears more natural while adding a fullness to the top portion of the breast that a majority of patients want.


Breast implant profile refers to the projection. Meaning, this is what one sees from the side view. The most common projections include low, intermediate, high, or extra high.

Making Your Choices

We understand all of the considerations may be overwhelming, but agreeing to the appropriate implant is somewhat easy once the patient's desires are understood during the consultation. These considerations, coupled with Dr. Lee 's expertise, help to ensure the anticipated outcome is met.

Surgical Technique

Incision type as well as implant placement are aspects that are made before surgery. During the procedure, an incision is created and then the implant will be slipped into its position. There are a couple of methods that may be used for implant placement. These include either submuscular placement (under the pec muscle), or submammary/subglandular placement (over the pec muscle). Where to place the implant is based on numerous factors including the type and degree of implant enlargement, as well as the opinion of Dr. Lee. Regardless of the incision, scarring is usually rare. Implant placement is determined based on your body type, implant size, and lifestyle.

What to Expect

Breast enhancement surgery is performed as an outpatient surgery using general anesthesia. Once the incision is made, the breast implant will be inserted through the incision and deposited into a pocket created for it, and then fitted into its proper position. After this process, the incision is closed with sutures or surgical adhesives. All patients will be taken into recovery and observed before being released. You will be sent home wearing a compression garment to assist with swelling. Within a few days, the swelling and bruising will start to decrease, and the breasts will begin to feel normal as they settle into their new position. The majority of patients can return to normal activities within the first week; however, exercise should be avoided for about 6 – 8 weeks. This surgery creates beautiful outcomes that look and feel natural. This treatment in most cases can be life changing for many patients, allowing them the chance to feel more self-assured.

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Breast augmentation surgery is notorious for so many reasons. It is safe and effective, and produces gorgeous results. With an abundance of augmentation options, you can attain the look you have always dreamed of. Lee Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is excited to provide this proven procedure and we invite you to learn more. Contact Lee Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Port St. Lucie, FL to plan your private consultation with Dr. S. Darrell Lee.